2 Great Trains
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2 Great Trains is a June 1954 folder about the Empire Builder, Western Star and other GN trains like the Red River and the Internationals.

WARNING:  These are large .jpg files (100k to 250k) and may take a while to download (especially if you're on a dial-up connection).  Click on the thumbnailed picture to view the page of your choice.  Below each page is a brief description.

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Front and Back covers

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Short blurb on "streamlined" Empire Builder and Western Star.

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Very nice cartoon system maps - Lines West and Lines East!

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Simple route map and description of the streamliners "The Internationals" and "Red River".

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The greatest of Great Northern's distinguished fleet of streamlined passenger trains.

Here's comfort.  Here's ultra-modern Pullman and coach accommodations...drawing rooms, compartments, bedrooms, roomettes, duplex-roomettes, lower and upper berths...superb meals...dinner by reservation...famed service!

The Empire Builder is streamlined perfection, luxury and comfort...and all at NO EXTRA FARE!

From Chicago to Seattle-Portland via Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Spokane in 45 hours...so relaxing on the Empire Builder, it's like a vacation.

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WIDE VIEW WINDOWS of the Empire Builder's observation-lounge frame glorious mountain vistas.  Perfect place to relax with friends over your favorite beverage, play cards, read -- or just plain loaf.

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GREAT MEALS, GREAT SERVICE, is the combination that has made Great Northern's dining service tops.  What a treat awaits you in this dining car of the streamlined Empire Builder!

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Have a holiday en route in the world's only ranch house on wheels!  Relax in an atmosphere of breezy Western hospitality.  Pinto leather...historic cattle brands...counter and table service.  Famous Great Northern meals and beverages -- famous low Great Northern prices, too!

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DRAWING ROOMS on the all-modern Empire Builder provide ample space and comforts for an entire family.  Six other types of Pullman accommodations:  compartments, bedrooms, roomettes, duplex-roomettes, lower and upper berths.  Many rooms have enclosed toilets.

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DAY-NITE COACHES have 48 seats, so there's plenty of room to relax.  New-type leg rests and reclining seats provide the last word in comfort.  Spacious lounges.  Here's the economical way to travel in clean, air-conditioned comfort.  All coach seats reserved.

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Another sleek Great Northern streamliner in daily service between Chicago and the Pacific Northwest via Great Falls, Montana.  The Western Star is the choice of many thousands of discerning travelers. 

Whether you travel in the comfortable Day-Nite coaches or in any one of the five different Pullman sleeping car accommodations...drawing rooms, double bedrooms, duplex-roomettes, lower and upper berths...on the Western Star, you ride at NO EXTRA FARE.

The Western Star serves Glacier National Park in the Montana Rockies daily June 15 through September 10.

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BEAUTIFUL DINING CAR provides a setting which is excelled only by the cuisine and service you'll enjoy here.  Gorgeous wildflowers of Glacier National Park in Montana inspired the decor of the dining car.

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LUXURY DAY-NITE COACHES have 48 seats.  More space.  More privacy.  Commodious restrooms, too.  Leg rests and reclining seats for added comfort.  Wide picture windows.  Controlled lighting.

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SMART COFFEE SHOP - smart both in appearance and in its idea!  Here you can get tasty snacks quickly, at economical prices.  Beverage service, too.  Counter and table service.

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DUPLEX-ROOMETTES for single occupancy give privacy and comfort at low cost -- only 10% more than a lower berth!  Comfortable concealed bed.  Each duplex-roomette has its own toilet facilities.

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COMFORT AND FUN are the twin keynotes of the Western Star's colorful observation-lounge.  Order from the well-stocked buffet.  Enjoy yourself as mile after mile of Western scenery slips by.

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BEDROOMS on the Western Star are the last word in relaxing comfort.  Two beds at night -- a sofa during the day.  Complete privacy.  Adjoining bedrooms can be opened to form a larger suite.