Empire Builder
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1935 Builder
1949 Builder
1951 Builder
1968 Builder

EB_red.gif (126538 bytes)Great Northern's Empire BuilderEB_red.gif (126538 bytes)

This section contains brochures and information on Great Northern's premier train, The Empire Builder.  Named after GN's founder James J. Hill, this train was THE way to travel from Chicago to the Twin Cities to Seattle in the pre-Amtrak days.  Click on the links to the left or the graphics below for more information on this fabulous passenger train.

bk67.jpg (78246 bytes)

Construction of the 1947 Edition of the Empire Builder.

1949 Empire Builder - Actually a 1949 brochure about the 1947 streamlined edition of GN's greatest train.

51_eb_pix3.jpg (126854 bytes)

Construction of the 1951 Edition of the Empire Builder.

Mid-Century (1951) Empire Builder - Color Brochure

domes01b.jpg (133684 bytes)

Addition of Dome Cars to the 1955 Edition of the Empire Builder.