1951 Builder
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This section is a color brochure describing Great Northern's Mid-Century edition (1951) of the Empire Builder.  The 1947 edition of the Builder then became GN's secondary train, The Western Star.

WARNING:  These are large .jpg files  and may take a while to download (especially if you're on a dial-up connection).  Click on the thumbnailed picture to view the page of your choice.  Below each page is a brief description.


mideb01.jpg (338642 bytes)

Front and back covers.

mideb02.jpg (238627 bytes)

Introduction to James J. Hill and brief description of the train.

mideb03.jpg (295537 bytes)

The Ranch Car

mideb04.jpg (237404 bytes)

The Dining Car

mideb05.jpg (287940 bytes)

The Lounge Car

mideb06.jpg (274546 bytes)

Coaches and Pullmans

mideb07.jpg (244682 bytes)

Pullman accommodations

mideb08.jpg (288002 bytes)

Berths and Duplex-Roomettes

mideb09.jpg (241257 bytes)

Roomettes and Bedrooms

mideb10.jpg (250451 bytes)

Compartments and Drawing Rooms

mideb11.jpg (227321 bytes)

Exterior drawing of the train; locomotive cab view and W-class electric

mideb12.jpg (318171 bytes)

Route map of the Empire Builder; views of the Rockies and Cascades