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Special Instructions - Page 11

...Switchman's Shanty
Dominion bridge...
Still Creek...
B. I. Jct....


First Subdivision:

Tunnel No. 13 - 2 miles west of Chumstick. Length 2601'. O. H. Clearance 19'2" to trolley wire.
Tunnel No. 13.5 - 4.7 miles west of Chumstick. Length 788'. O. H. Clearance 19' to trolley wire.
Tunnel No. 14 - 1.08 miles east of Winton. Length 4059.4'. O. H. Clearance 19'11" to trolley wire.
Tunnel No. 14.7 - 2.67 miles east of Berne. Length 674.5'. O. H. Clearance 22' to trolley wire.
Tunnel No. 15 - Between Berne and Scenic. Length 41152'. O. H. Clearance 19'8" to trolley wire.
Tunnel No. 16 - 0.24 miles east of Everett. Length 2440'. Height - 21.1'.
Tunnel No. 17 - 0.10 miles east of Seattle. Length 5141.5'. Height - 23.3'.

Second Subdivision:

Tunnel No. 18 - 0.33 miles north of Samish. Length 1113'. Height - 21.2'.
Tunnel No. 19 - 4 miles south of So. Bellingham. Length 141.3'. Height - 20.5'.
Tunnel No. 20 - 3.70 miles south of So. Bellingham. Length 328.5'. Height - 20.35'.
Tunnel No. 21 - 1 mile south of So. Bellingham. Length 713.2'. Height - 20.9'.

Seattle, over public crossings...
...20 MPH
Between Home Signals of Interlockings at: Everett-Pacific Avenue, Everett Jct....
...20 MPH


Cashmere, Earl Fruit Spur and Fruit Growers Union Spur, engines heavier than O prohibited.

O and heavier freight engines not permitted Seattle, King Street Terminal, on north end of tunnel tracks 1 and 3.

Skykomish, GN engines prohibited on Wood Spur.

Delta, trains running via this yard with R engines must make their set out or pick up on tracks 1, 2, 3, or 4.


Appleyard, register is for second and inferior class trains.
Wenatchee, register is for first class trains and passenger extras.
Monroe, register only for CMStP&P RR trains.
Snohomish, register only for NP Ry trains and eastward NP Ry trains register by ticket.
Lowell, NP Jct., register only for NP Ry and CMStP&P RR trains.
Interbay and Skykomish, first class trains register by ticket.
Wenatchee, Nos. 1 & 2 register by ticket.
Interbay, engineers and conductors of trains originating which operate over joint track south of Seattle must register at yard office and show number of last bulletin issued by NP and GN.


At Everett Jct., trains for which this point is initial station may proceed on authority of clearance under which such trains arrive.


Power transmission line carries 44,000 volts.
Signal transmission line carries 13,200 volts.
Trolley line carries 11,500 volts.

All wires must be considered energized unless a clearance has been obtained from the operator at Skykomish substation.

Telegraph and telephone wires are not located along right-of-way. Never attempt to connect field telephone apparatus to any wires located along right-of-way in this zone.


The trolley wires in the open sections provide a clearance of 21 feet to 24 feet above top of rail.

At the following locations the overhead clearance of trolley wire is restricted to 19 feet:

Columbia River Bridge between Appleyard and Wenatchee.
Overhead bridge 1/2 mile west of Cashmere.
Bridge 370, 1 mile east of Dryden.
Tunnel No. 13, 2 miles west of Chumstick.
Tunnel No. 13, 5.2 miles east of Winton.
Tunnel No. 14, 1 mile east of Winton.
Cascade Tunnel No. 15, between Berne-Scenic.

Employes must keep off the top of cars and engines on electrified tracks, except in emergency, and then must use extreme care.

Snohomish, NP overhead bridge...

Skykomish, targets on roundhouse switch stands will not clear man riding on side of cars or engines.

Seattle, overhead bridge between Washington and Main Sts....

Seattle, overhead bridge between Third and Fourth Ave. So....

Seattle, King Street station, close clearance between eaves of umbrella shed and sides of cabs, P-2 and larger engines.