Depots BC
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British Columbia depots:

Douglas, BC, CANADA depot (now converted into a residence) is close to the "truck border" (Highway 15 crossing) on the US/Canada international boundary.
Photos by Lindsay Korst.

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New Westminster, BC, CANADA depot, August 2002.  Photos by Lindsay Korst.

Princeton, BC GN (VV&E) depot.  November 2003 photo by Mike Novak.

Tulameen, BC GN (VV&E) depot.  November 2004 photo by Mike Novak.

White Rock, BC, CANADA depot is now used as an art museum, historical archive, and gift shop.  Photos by Lindsay Korst in May 2006.

Northbound Amtrak Cascades passes White Rock depot on a blustery May 26, 2006.
Photos by Lindsay Korst.