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Gnr1.jpg (54812 bytes)

GN Caboose X244 - GNR photo

Gnr3.jpg (58050 bytes)

GN 2512 4-8-2 P-2 class "Mountain type" steam locomotive at Summit station, Marias Pass, MT. GNR photo

Gnr4.jpg (51668 bytes)

GN Wood Caboose at Hancock, MN. GNR photo

Gnr5.jpg (46797 bytes)

GN 2586 4-8-4 S-2 class "Northern type" steam locomotive, St. Paul, MN. William J. Pontin photo

Gnr8.jpg (56924 bytes)

GN 1379 H-7 class 4-6-2 "Pacific type" steam locomotive, west of Libby, MT. W.R. McGee photo

Gnr11.jpg (47402 bytes)

Iron Ore Train, Gunn, MN. GNR photo

Gnr12.jpg (39540 bytes)

GN 2043 R-1 class 2-8-8-2 "articulated" steam locomotive, Skykomish, WA. W.R. McGee photo

Gnr13.jpg (48604 bytes)

GN 2048 R-2 class 2-8-8-2 "articulated" steam locomotive, East slope, Continental Divide, MT. Henry Griffiths photo

Gnr15.jpg (32208 bytes)

GN 5900 A-B-C EMD FT Diesel Freight Units built 10/41, unknown location. GNR photo

Gnr16.jpg (50390 bytes)

GN 410 A-B-C-D EMD FT Diesel Freight Units, Built 5/44, Blacktail, MT. GNR photo

Gnr17.jpg (53732 bytes)

GN 5011 Y-1a class electric at Wenatchee, WA. Stuart Hertz photo

Gnr21.jpg (30730 bytes)

Empire Builder heavyweight solarium observation car at Shelby, MT. GNR photo

Gnr22.jpg (65394 bytes)

Overall scene of the Whitefish, MT yards looking east. GNR photo

Gnr23.jpg (41610 bytes)

GN 2515 P-2 Class "Mountain" 4-8-2 steam locomotive at Benson, MN. GNR photo

Gnr24.jpg (63307 bytes)

Platforms for icing Refrigerator Cars in Wenatchee, WA. GNR photo

ALSO - Click Here to view Part 2 of GN Archives