GNR Welcomes You
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Your Great Northern Railway Welcomes You!  is an undated (post-1956) brochure which introduces new employees to work on the railroad. 

WARNING:  These are large .jpg files and may take a while to download (especially if you're on a dial-up connection).  Click on the thumbnailed picture to view the page of your choice.  Below each page is a brief description.

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Front and back covers

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Welcome to the Great Northern from President John Budd

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Growth of the Great Northern (History of the GN and James J. Hill)

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Continue history and story of the William Crooks

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Rocky Mountain Goat trademark and purpose of the GN

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Organizational Goals and Safety First

welcome07.jpg (213103 bytes)

Safety Suggestions and Payday

welcome08.jpg (174112 bytes)

Taxes & Deductions; Complaints; Labor Organizations

welcome09.jpg (220836 bytes)

Land of the Great Northern (system map)

welcome10.jpg (200474 bytes)

We Expect Certain Things From You

welcome11.jpg (174679 bytes)

Courtesy; Paid Vacations; Free Travel Privileges

welcome12.jpg (155455 bytes)

University Scholarships; Opportunity For Promotion

welcome13.jpg (170791 bytes)

Railway Management and Board of Directors; General information

welcome14.jpg (185155 bytes)

Railway data; Railway worker slang

welcome15.jpg (187958 bytes)

More Railway worker slang and organization

welcome16.jpg (224405 bytes)

Index and Clear Track ahead with Great Northern!
(How appropriate:  The index features a picture of Mount Index in Washington State)