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10/10/2000 from:

Bill Burge
Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Interests: GN's Kalispell branch from Columbia Falls to Somers, MT ca 1969.
Member of GNRHS (Yes)

For those of you interested, here is a list of industries for the 
Kalispell branch during the late 60's.  I don't believe it is totally 
accurate or complete.  Anyone with knowledge of the branch, please
correct me.  Here goes;

Columbia Falls 

Plum Creek Logging Co. (sawmill) located inside the
wye at the beginning of the branch.  The spur was on 
the east leg of the wye.  The switch opened east and
looked to handle 6 cars at the dock and 10 overall.

Plum Creek Logging Co. (plywood plant) located on west 
side of west leg of wye.  Switch faces west.  I think the
building held 4 cars.

L.P. Gas service Co. One mile west of Columbia Falls
Switch opens east and had a capacity of 4 cars.  There
was a spout for one car.

Rocky Mountain Lumber Co. 1.23 miles west of CF
Switch faces east.  Car capacity: 9

La Salle 

Siding for storage, 44 car capacity


Associated Seed Growers 3.56 miles east of Kalispell
Switch opens east 6 cars

Montana Saw Service 3.34 miles east.  Switch opens
east 5 cars.

C&C plywood (siding) 2.57 miles east 27 cars
Siding divided by Sunset Dr. according to BN diagram

Northwestern Lumber Co. 1.38 miles east Switch opens
east 47 cars

Carter Oil Co. 1.30 miles east Switch opens east
9 cars (located on same side as Northwestern spur?)

McElroy & Wilken Cement (need location of spur and
car capacity).  Switch opened west I believe.

Equity Elevator No.1 and Farmers Union East side of 
town, north side of main switch faces west and 
connected with spur(s) at halfway point.  Need
car capacities

Kalispell siding north side of main need car capacity
siding had a scale west side of Main St. crossing 
opposite freight depot

Flathead Cherry Growers Assoc. spur north of siding
building located across tracks from depot west side 
of Main St. need car capacity

There was another siding which went behind Cherry
Growers but this had no industries

Team/Ramp south of main track switch faces west 
this spur ended in front of the freight depot and
had a piggyback ramp for trailer loading.  Track
would hold 8 - 89 ft cars

Equity Elevator No.2 and Kalispell Grocers
switch faces west

Carl Weissman & Sons (Scrap), Kalispell Lumber 
(retailer), and Reichold Chemical Switch faces west

Kalispell Wye

Hoffert Christmas Tree Loaded cars on tail of wye

Forest Products Co. West 6 cars

Monarch Lumber Co. East 8 cars (old Duffy spur)

Erickson Bros. east 4 cars

Ball's Crossing east 11 cars Liquid fertilizer and
stock car storage

Cattle loading and log loading on main track between
Kalispell and Somers


Somers Lumber Co. Sawmill and tie treatment 

There it is.  Enjoy and please send corrections and more info.