Neil Roughley
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The Great Northern Railway
in British Columbia's Fraser Valley
by Neil Roughley

Up until April 2009, a fellow by the name of Neil

Roughley had a remarkable website about the
early years of the Great Northern in the Lower
Mainland and Fraser Valley areas of British
Columbia.  His website seems to have
disappeared from the internet and his email
address no longer functions.

Thanks to a little device called the Wayback
Machine, I was able to screen capture much of
his website and present it here for your
enjoyment.  If you'd like to do this yourself,
the links to use are here: is the Wayback Machine.

was the main page of Neil's website.  This link no
longer functions (404 error).

Otherwise, CLICK HERE to start looking at Neil's
website.  I make no warranty of the content
(consider it free ice cream).  Enjoy!  LIN-Z