Restored GN Caboose
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Jeff Haertlein's GN X-582 caboose 

gn_x582a.jpg (124725 bytes)gn_x582b.jpg (114174 bytes)

Note:  Jeff has yet to locate a photo of X-582 in service on the GN.  If anyone knows of such a photo, please contact him at

History of GN X-582:

Great Northern Caboose X582, was built in the Great Northern's, St.
Cloud Car Shops, in St. Cloud, MN.; between January 1st and August 6th,
1925. (Recent information suggests September 1925, which could be a
completion date.) It was constructed at a cost of approximately 
$1,920.00; and was one of 25 cabooses built in 1925.

Originally numbered 90116, the caboose was renumbered to X582 in July of
1926, when the G.N. decided to integrate the caboose roster into the
Maintenance-of-Way department.

Between March and November of 1941, X582 was extensively rebuilt to the
present configuration. The car received extra windows, new trucks; and
all new iron work; while the interior arrangement was also significantly

The most interesting feature of Great Northern caboose design, is the
fact that it is the only caboose, where the wood siding stays flush all
the way up to the top of the cupola, because the cupola is the full width
of the car body.

X582 was used extensively in North Dakota on the "Minot Division" and
finished its career in South Dakota in work train service. It was then
returned to St. Cloud for disposition and later sold to the Minnesota
Transfer Ry. in November of 1963; and delivered in early 1964. The
caboose was then renumbered to X14.

Later the car was purchased from the Minnesota Transfer Ry. 
and arrived at
Mid-Continent Railway and Museum in July of 1971.

Specifications for X582.

Length of car body: 25' - 0"
Length over coupler faces: 33' - 1-1/2"
Width: 9' - 8-3/4"
Height: 14' - 9"
Weight: 41,000 lbs.
Lighting: Kerosene
Heating: Coal
Restoration: 10 yrs. ( 1972-1982 )
Repainted and Displayed: 1988

Webmaster's Note:  Jeff also authored a
GNRHS Reference Sheet #167
(June 1990) entitled, "Great Northern 25-Foot Wood Cabooses - Heralds
and Lettering".