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New Westminster, high voltage electric wires on Fraser River bridge will not clear man on top of cars. Train and engine men must keep off top of cars and engines while passing over this bridge, except in emergency and then use extreme caution.

New Westminster, retaining wall Front Street crossing in front of penitentiary will not clear man on side of car or engine.

8.....Delta (freight yard) located 1.08 miles south of Delta Jct. is provided with: Standard Clock, Bulletins, Train Register, Water, Oil, Wye, Track Scale, Turntable.

9.....Delta, private road crossing near yard office, train, yard and engine movements over this crossing must be protected as prescribed by Rule 103.

10.....Blaine-White Rock, trains will not pass International Border without permission of Customs and Immigration Inspectors.

11.....White Rock, between 2 miles south and Ocean Park, from May 15 to September 15, engineers will sound engine whistle frequently and bell must be rung continuously.

12.....Still Creek, northward trains having wait or meet orders to fulfill at this point will stand south of Renfrew Street crossing until train to be met or passed is in the block to avoid circuit operating crossing signals at Grandview Highway, 13th Avenue.

13.....Sapperton, push buttons and instructions for their operation are located in iron box locked with a switch lock near south wye switch and north siding switch for control of wigwag signals at Brunette Street crossing. Care must be exercised in the use of push button control to avoid unnecessary operation of crossing signals during switching movements.

Push button boxes must be kept closed and locked, except as required to be open for immediate use.

14.....Vancouver, National Harbours Board Railway operate jointly with GN Ry over Great Northern tracks between Water Front and connection with GN main track north of the roundhouse; also between north leg of wye from main track switch and connection with Canadian National Railway in the Great Northern South Yard, all of which is located within yard limits of Vancouver.

Telephones for City and train dispatcher are located in booth near Great Northern main track connection. There is also a City Telephone and train register in the National Harbours Board yard office.

Movements in both directions over the Burrard Inlet line must be recorded in train register.

Before movement is made over Burrard Inlet line in either direction, yard foreman or engineer will communicate with the yard office of the National Harbours Board Railway to ascertain if it is safe to proceed; air brakes must be cut in and operative on all engines and cars; the engine must be on the leading end of the cars during hours of darkness.

Speed restrictions:

8 MPH over Georgia, Kiefer, Pender and Cordova Streets.
10 MPH over Union Street on northward movements; southward movements must stop before passing over Union Street and a member of the crew must be on ground at crossing to protect traffic.

15.....The Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada, General Order 571, forbids the handling of freight cars in main line passenger trains.


Engineers shall test speed of their trains passing following points as compared with Speed Table:

Both directions, between MP 65-1/2 and 66-1/2 between Mt. Vernon and Fir.
Southward, between MP 149 and MP 150, North of Endot.


Facing point.


Trailing point.

2054 ft. North of MP 152.
Dominion Bridge Co. spur.


Between Delta Jct. and wye..... .....Booth
Bridge 11.....
.....Watchman Cabin
Kruse Jct.....
Belleville Pit, switch.....
MP 76.....