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...the United States Government while on our trains. Placarded loaded tank cars must not be placed in train next to cars containing lighted heaters, stoves, lanterns, or gas burning type refrigerators, or next to flat or gondola cars loaded with logs, lumber, rails, pipe, or anything that is liable to shift and cars must not be handled less than the 6th car from engine or caboose when possible to do so. Loaded tank cars must not be cut off in motion until all preceding cars have cleared route, and in turn cleared, before any cars are allowed to follow.

Further details governing handling of Explosives, Inflammable and Corrosive Liquids may be found in I.C.C. Regulations.

31.....The use of open flame lights, burning oil lanterns, and smoking is prohibited when handling gasoline or other flammable oils, also in and around the operating cab of gas-electric engines.

32.....Gas-Electric engines must not be fueled while occupied by passengers, or coupled to cars occupied by passengers.

33.....Delivery of gasoline or other flammable oils must not be made after dark.

34.....The normal position of a spring switch with facing point lock is identified by a color light type signal displaying a lunar white light for train or engine movements in a trailing point direction and for movements in facing point direction when conditions require.

35.....The normal position of a spring switch without facing point lock is identified by a triangular yellow target on switch stand with letter "S" in black, and "lunar white" light in switch lamp in place of green light displayed in both directions thru or over the switch.

36.....Trains when departing from stations, either from siding or main track in trailing point movement which actuate points of spring switches, a member of the crew must observe the indication of the governing signal in the opposite direction after rear end of train has passed thru switch to ascertain if switch points return to normal position. If this signal indicates Stop and no immediate train movement or other cause is evident report the fact to the Superintendent from the first available point of communication.


A Switch Indicator, consisting of a single yellow light unit (normally dark) and a switch-key-controller mounted on an iron mast located at the clearance point of a siding, must be operated by a member of the crew who, together with the engineer, must observe and be governed by its indication before fouling main track or making movement from a siding to the main track thru a spring switch in automatic signal territory, unless the movement is made immediately after an opposing train has passed the switch.

If the Indicator displays a yellow light when the switch-key-controller is operated, train or engine movement to the main track may be made immediately in accordance with train rights and operating rules. Display of yellow light must continue until the leading wheels have passed the clearance point.

If the Indicator does not display a yellow light when the switch-key-controller is operated, every precaution consistent with train rights and operating rules must be taken to provide proper protection before passing the clearance point and fouling the main track.

To operate Switch Indicator, insert switch key in controller and turn clockwise toward "R", and hold a few seconds. If yellow light is displayed and intended movement is not made, insert switch key in controller and turn counter-clockwise toward "N" to restore signal system to normal condition to avoid delays to trains on main track.

Switch-key-controller must never be operated toward "N" after having been operated toward "R" if intended movement to the main track is to be made.

38.....Facing point locks on hand operated switches are indicated by a six inch yellow stripe painted on target staff. Be positive locking device is restored to normal position after using. A running switch must not be made thru this type switch.

39.....Unless otherwise displayed, yard limit signs of the reflectorized type consist of letter "Y" and approach signs, one mile distant, are diamond shaped.