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GN-related structures (Lines West):

British Columbia:

Former GN (VV&E) Keremos, BC bridge  Photo by Bruce Barsness in July 2008.


dave_s01.jpg (79230 bytes)dave_s02.jpg (92726 bytes)semph01.jpg (75969 bytes)semph02.jpg (67042 bytes)semph03.jpg (66788 bytes)

Dave Sprau of Ravensdale, WA has this working semaphore in his collection.  He tells me the shortened mast and semaphore blade are GN while the control box and other parts are NP.  Dave has since donated this signal to a private museum.  Photos by Lindsay Korst in May 2003.

speed_sign01.jpg (76485 bytes)speed_sign02.jpg (67047 bytes)

Here we see my GNRHS buddies Gary Muehlius and Scott Tanner holding a Great Northern (Pacific Coast RR) speed sign and a tiger stripe sign.  Dave Sprau generously donated these items, along with many old GN records saved from King Street Station to the GNRHS.  Thank you, Mr. Sprau!  Photos by Lindsay Korst in May 2003.

gary_cap.jpg (44250 bytes)scott_cap.jpg (35646 bytes)

Dave Sprau also donated these three GN caps to the GNRHS.  Modeling them from left to right are:  Gary Muehlius with a GNR Agent's cap; Scott Tanner with a GNR brakeman's hat; Lindsay Korst with a newer GN brakeman's hat.  Photos by Lindsay Korst in May 2003.

jjhill1.jpg (71011 bytes)jjhill2.jpg (70045 bytes)jjhill3.jpg (56737 bytes)jjhill4.jpg (83196 bytes)

This James J. Hill statue was dedicated August 3, 1909 during the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition on what is now the University of Washington campus in Seattle.  It stands along aptly-named Stevens Way outside More Hall.  There are three metal plates around the base, two of which are pictured here (one plate is missing).  Photos by Lindsay Korst in June 2002.

empire_way.jpg (104905 bytes)

Empire Way Tavern, Seattle, WA.  OK, this is not a GN structure, but the name of the building is GN-related.  M.L.K. Way in Seattle was originally named "Empire Way" after James J. Hill, the Empire Builder.  This tavern obtained two of the original Empire Way street signs to name their business.  Photo by Lindsay Korst in November 2001.

north_portal.JPG (106424 bytes)

North Portal of former GN tunnel under Seattle.  July 2004 photo by Lindsay Korst.

swinomish01.jpg (110728 bytes)swinomish02.jpg (143044 bytes)

Along the former GN branch line from Burlington to Anacortes, WA is this huge swing bridge over Swinomish Slough.  March 2003 photos by Lindsay Korst.

spindly1.JPG (123351 bytes)spindly2.JPG (141968 bytes)

The "spindly bridge" crossing US 2 at Zeke's Drive in just east of Gold Bar.  June 2004 photos by Lindsay Korst.

sunset_falls.JPG (134835 bytes)sunset_falls2.JPG (161166 bytes)

Sunset Falls bridge just east of Index.  July 2004 photos by Lindsay Korst.

sky_hotel_a.jpg (160852 bytes)sky_hotel_b.jpg (142895 bytes)sky_hotel_c.jpg (146681 bytes)sky_hotel_d.jpg (158408 bytes)

Located just across the street from the GN depot, the Skykomish Hotel has been a fixture in Skykomish, WA since the 1900's.  These pictures were taken in August 2000 by Lindsay Korst.  Update:  During a recent visit in April 2001, I discovered the Sky Hotel had closed and all the first floor windows and doors were boarded up with plywood.

sky_steak1.jpg (81071 bytes)sky_steak2.jpg (88902 bytes)

Another update:  As of December 2001, the Sky Hotel has reopened as a steak house!  Photos by Lindsay Korst.
Still another update:  The steak house is closed as of August 2003.

the_cut.JPG (173720 bytes)the_cut2.JPG (193092 bytes)

"The Cut" blasted out of solid rock at the Bonneville Power crossing just west of Deception Creek.  June 2004 photos by Lindsay Korst.

bnsf4770_deception.JPG (188827 bytes)

BNSF 4770 crossing Deception Creek Trestle just west of Scenic.  June 2004 photo by Lindsay Korst.

builder_gaynor.JPG (98584 bytes)

Amtrak's Empire Builder crossing Gaynor Trestle just east of Berne.  June 2004 photo by Lindsay Korst.

cascade1.jpg (64352 bytes)cascade2.jpg (68970 bytes)

East portal of original Cascade Tunnel completed 1900 and abandoned 1929 for the new and longer Cascade Tunnel between Scenic and Berne.  August 2002 photos by Lindsay Korst.

cash5.jpg (176377 bytes)

Mission, WA (town renamed Cashmere in early 1900's) section house.  Photo taken at Cashmere, WA museum in September 2001 by Lindsay Korst.

geg_school1.jpg (102113 bytes)geg_school2.jpg (773144 bytes)geg_school3.jpg (274736 bytes)

West of Spokane, WA - Great Northern Elementary School!  Spokane school district #312 features this GN-related building built in 1894.  May 2004 photos by Lindsay Korst.

geg_hill_park.jpg (103682 bytes)

West of the Hillyard area of Spokane is the James J. Hill park founded in 1924.  May 2004 photos by Lindsay Korst.

gn_icehouse.JPG (124955 bytes)

Just north of the X-176 caboose in Spokane is the last remaining GN-related building in the Hillyard area.  This was the former ice house.  July 2004 photo by Lindsay Korst.

gn_roadsign.jpg (38546 bytes)gn_tribute.jpg (60327 bytes)

North of Spokane, WA on US Highway 2 are these two nods to the Great Northern era.  January 2003 photos by Lindsay Korst.


gn_scalehouse.JPG (153026 bytes)

Libby, MT scale house just across from the depot.  July 2004 photo by Lindsay Korst.

haskell_pass.JPG (191648 bytes)haskell_pass2.JPG (98450 bytes)

Haskell Pass summit tunnel.  This was on the original GN mainline via Kalispell.  July 2004 photo by Lindsay Korst.

mt_trip13.jpg (232837 bytes)mt_trip14.jpg (230893 bytes)belton_chalet.JPG (156458 bytes)belton_chalet_sign.JPG (165834 bytes)

Belton Chalets at West Glacier, MT.  Belton Chalets were the first facilities built and opened by the Great Northern to serve Glacier National Park in June 1910.  These chalets were recently restored and you can read more about them by clicking here.  August 2001 photo by Lindsay Korst.

Additional photos of main chalet and chalet historical sign taken July 2004 by Lindsay Korst.

mt_trip15.jpg (199154 bytes)mt_trip16.jpg (200177 bytes)

At many points along the ex-GN line over Marias Pass can be found these signs which point at scenic views.  These two I found between West Glacier (Belton) and Essex, MT near the BNSF siding of Nyack.

Con25.jpg (35105 bytes)mt_trip19.jpg (188444 bytes)landb.jpg (54922 bytes)mt_trip17.jpg (160772 bytes)mt_trip18.jpg (161839 bytes)

The Izaak Walton Inn was built in 1939 to house GN helper crews stationed at Essex, Montana. It was also meant to eventually be a lodge for Glacier National Park visitors at a southern gateway to the park which was never developed.

The Inn has been extensively refurbished and is a delightful haven for visiting railfans exploring BNSF's nearby Marias Pass. Amtrak makes a flagstop nearby. I spent two nights here in July 1998 and highly recommend it. The phone number of the
Izaak Walton Inn is 406/888-5700.  Photo by Lindsay Korst.

Additional photos from an August 2001 visit include a front view of the Inn, Webmaster Lindsay and Baolu on the porch swing, Lindsay in the dining room (trackside) and Lindsay downstairs in the bar enjoying a Moose Drool.  All additional photos taken by Baolu Korst.

mt_trip1.jpg (213111 bytes)mt_trip2.jpg (251019 bytes)mt_trip3.jpg (158528 bytes)mt_trip4.jpg (191633 bytes)

Located at East Glacier, MT is the Glacier Park Lodge which was opened in June 1913 and is within walking distance of the ex-GN (now Amtrak) depot.  From left to right we see the original main lodge, the bedroom annex built in 1914 and walkway connecting it to the main lodge, an overall view of the lodge, and Baolu pointing at the turquoise overpass carrying the BNSF tracks over the road to the lodge.  All photos taken by Lindsay Korst in August 2001.

Con39.jpg (18474 bytes)

Great Northern had a diesel shop in Great Falls, MT. Miraculously, "Great Northern Railway" still appears in huge white letters on the side of the shop. The diesel shop is located on the west bank of the Missouri and is difficult to photograph as you are always "shooting south" or into the sun.
Photos taken by
Lindsay Korst in July 1998.

Con45.jpg (14512 bytes)

Approximately 4 stalls are all that is left of the old GN roundhouse in Butte, MT. A local artisan uses the building as a cabinet-making shop. Note the large GN logo, still visible 28 years after merger day!
Photos taken in July 1998 by
Lindsay Korst.

James J. Hill statue, Havre, MT.  July 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.

Great Northern Inn, site of 2003 GNRHS Havre convention.  July 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.

GN display train outside Great Northern Inn, Havre, MT.  July 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.