Through Car Window
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Through Your Car Window - Westbound - On the Streamlined Empire Builder, Western Star and other Great Northern Trains

This Great Northern route guide was published in June 1953 and describes the scenery along the way east to west from Chicago to Seattle/Portland, as well as connecting GN routes.

WARNING:  These are BIG .jpg files (250k to 400k) and may take a while to download (especially if you're on a dial-up connection).  Click on the thumbnailed picture to view the page of your choice.  Below each page is a brief description.

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Page 1 - Brochure Cover

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Page 2 - Onboard train amenities - Streamlined Empire Builder

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Page 3 - Summary of the trip from east to west.

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Page 4 - Chicago, Illinois to Savanna, Illinois

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Page 5 - Savanna, Illinois to St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Page 6 - The Twin Cities...Gateway to the Northwest

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Page 7 - St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota to Minot, North Dakota

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Page 8 - Minot, North Dakota to Havre, Montana

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Page 9 - Havre to Great Falls, Helena, Butte and Billings, Montana

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Page 10 - Havre, Montana to Glacier Park, Montana

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Page 11 - Glacier National Park in Montana - America's Greatest Mountain Vacationland

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Page 12 - Glacier Park, Montana to Spokane, Washington

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Page 13 - Spokane, Washington to Seattle, Washington

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Page 14 - Spokane, Washington to Portland, Oregon

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Page 15 - Tacoma-Seattle, Washington to Vancouver, British Columbia

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Page 16 - Seattle-Tacoma, Washington to Portland, Oregon

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Page 17 - Portland, Oregon to San Francisco and Los Angeles, California

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Page 18 - St. Paul-Minneapolis to Superior, Wisconsin-Duluth, Minnesota

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Page 19 - St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Page 20 - St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota to Grand Forks, North Dakota

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Page 21 - A Short Story of The Great Northern Railway

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Page 22 - Write to or Call at any of these offices...for helpful travel information and train reservations

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Page 23 - Onboard train amenities - Streamlined Western Star

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Page 24 - Back cover