Tickets & Forms
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Great Northern Tickets, Forms and other railroad paper

New as of December 2009 are these two ticket envelopes picked up at a local swap meet.

April 1956 Great Domes ticket envelope and ticket stubs for a trip (with Pullman space) from Fargo to Chicago.

February 1953 Winter version - Empire Builder/Western Star ticket envelope.

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A colorful assortment of ticket envelopes from a trip on the Great Northern circa 1951-52.

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Pullman ticket stubs and GN Glacier Park tour tickets from 1951-52

gn_cleaned.jpg (51165 bytes)

A "cleaned and disinfected" form.

gn_train_order.jpg (93447 bytes)

GN Form 19 Train Order "Flimsie".

GN Watch and Rules examination card.

eb_seating.jpg (38543 bytes)ws_seating.jpg (38284 bytes)

Dinner seating reservation cards from the Empire Builder and Western Star.

gn_accident.jpg (42293 bytes)

GN Accident Form.  From the collection of Jim Betz.

gn_BillOfLading.jpg (102398 bytes)

GN Bill of Lading.  From the collection of Jim Betz.

gn_SwitchList.jpg (41693 bytes)

GN Switch List.  From the collection of Jim Betz.

gn_TelegramFront.jpg (69974 bytes)

GN Telegram.  From the collection of Jim Betz.