Unseen Service
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The Unseen Service - A story of the commissary

This GN pamphlet is stamped "Great Northern Railway, RECEIVED Aug 29, 1930, Western Advertising Agent, Seattle, Wash.".  I picked this up at a recent local GNRHS get-together in the Seattle area.  It describes a "back stage look" at how the GN Commissary Department gathered supplies to maintain their dining cars.

WARNING:  These are fairly large .jpg files (80k to 130k) and may take a while to download (especially if you're on a dial-up connection).  Click on the thumbnailed picture to view the page of your choice.  Below each page is a brief description.

unseen1.jpg (125713 bytes)

Cover Page

unseen1a.jpg (32162 bytes)

Title Page

unseen2.jpg (125102 bytes)

Silver service, cutlery and flat silver

unseen3.jpg (97634 bytes)

Assembling and checking supplies - Saint Paul Commissary

unseen4.jpg (122852 bytes)

The shelves of dishes remind one of a crockery store

unseen5.jpg (101243 bytes)

Linens and jackets, spotlessly white

unseen6.jpg (134807 bytes)

Sorting soiled linens

unseen7.jpg (108750 bytes)

The ice machine for the refrigerator rooms

unseen8.jpg (83843 bytes)

"--glistening jewels in settings of chipped ice"

unseen9.jpg (102758 bytes)

Meat is scored to insure steaks of equal size

unseen10.jpg (112225 bytes)

Where fresh meats are truly fresh

unseen11.jpg (103959 bytes)

The steward gets a square deal

unseen12.jpg (85553 bytes)

Fresh milk makes healthy people

unseen13.jpg (101601 bytes)

Minnesota mushrooms - one of the many rare treats to be had on the diners

unseen14.jpg (111286 bytes)

This refrigerator holds only the best the farm can offer

unseen15.jpg (99487 bytes)

Root cellar where the jumbo potatoes are stored

unseen16.jpg (110672 bytes)

Bread wrapped and sealed stays fresh and sanitary

unseen17.jpg (58843 bytes)

Bottled goods - very soft

unseen18.jpg (94376 bytes)

At the end of the meal - a perfect cigar

unseen19.jpg (85299 bytes)

The crockery shelves - Seattle commissary

The linen supply room