X-294 at Sky
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On Wednesday, October 6, 2004, the X-294 caboose was moved from Henry Welzel's property in Puyallup, WA to trackside in Skykomish, WA.  X-294 now resides next to the ex-GN Sky depot.  Eventually, this caboose will find a permanent home at Scenic, WA as a display for the Iron Goat Trail group.

Come along and see X-294's new place of honor beside the former Great Northern mainline.

x294sky_f.JPG (134220 bytes)x294sky_e.JPG (104182 bytes)

X-294 next to BNSF mainline and Skykomish Depot.

x294sky_a.JPG (137769 bytes)x294sky_d.JPG (130902 bytes)x294sky_g.JPG (132350 bytes)

Additional views of X-294.

x294sky_b.JPG (126526 bytes)x294sky_c.JPG (126750 bytes)

Mike Sharpe of the Iron Goat Trail group poses with X-294.  Mike organized the move and allowed me to take pictures inside and out.  Thanks, Mike!

x294sky_inside1.JPG (75967 bytes)x294sky_inside2.JPG (59884 bytes)x294sky_inside3.JPG (69650 bytes)x294sky_inside4.JPG (87323 bytes)

Interior views of the X-294 caboose at Skykomish.

Update:  On Sunday, January 9th, 2005, Baolu and I revisited the X-294 to get some "snow pictures".  Here's three additional pictures to see how X-294 looks in the white stuff.

x-294_snow.JPG (121034 bytes)x-294_snow2.JPG (112440 bytes)x-294_snow3.JPG (128257 bytes)