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Baked on the Car -- To-day -- and Every Day

We feature fresh hot breads with all meals: Rolls, muffins, toast and griddle cakes for breakfast, rolls and corn bread for lunch, and delightful southern tea biscuits at the evening meal.

We Bake on the car -- Fresh Every Day -- All Pies

Breakfast Rolls

8 cupfuls flour
1 individual yeast cake
1 heaping tablespoonful lard
1 tablespoonful sugar
1 pint sweet milk
1 teaspoonful salt

Set the sponge at night, mix salt and lard with milk and warm until lard is melted, then pour in center of flour, cover and leave in a cool place. Next morning work thoroughly and set aside to rise. Two hours before using, roll and shape by lapping one-half two-thirds over and brush with melted butter. Lay each separate in buttered pan and set aside to rise again. When light bake in hot oven.

Potato Fingers

4 cupfuls flour
1/8 cupful sugar
1 cupful riced white potatoes
1 teaspoonful salt
2 tablespoonfuls lard or butter
1 individual yeast cake
1 cupful sweet milk

Mix overnight, and set a sponge, shape finger length and thickness two hours before baking in hot oven, brush over with melted butter.


4 eggs
oz salt
lb sugar
2 oz. baking powder
3 lbs. flour (wheat)
lb. melted lard or butter
2 qts milk

Mix all until smooth, brown on a hot griddle.