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This page contains GN Cabooses in the X-1 to X-300 group.
CLICK HERE for GN Cabooses in the X-301 to X-757 group.
CLICK HERE for GN Cabooses of uncertain number/origin.

X-27 - The Holy Grail!  My favorite type of GN caboose from the X-1 to X-30 "slant cupola" series, homemade in GN's St. Cloud shops in 1959.  Painted up in a pseudo-BN scheme is the X-27 in Nisswa, MN.   Photo taken in July 2003 by Lindsay Korst.

X-28 - This is kind of cheating, but here is my Overland Models brass caboose from a recent bidding war on Ebay.  Custom painted by the good folks at Trains Emporium of Sparks, NV, the X-28 resides happily on my display shelf.   Did I mention the GN "slant cupola" of the X-1 through X-30 series is my favorite?  Photo taken April 2006 by Lindsay Korst.

X-29 - Courtesy of Bob Ulberg are these pictures of BN 10389, a slant-cupola steel
caboose built in GN's own Saint Cloud shops in 1959.  The X-29 is slowly returning
to nature in the woods near Elsie, Oregon in this recent February 2012 photo.

gn_x32.jpg (68782 bytes)

X-32 - Located at Baldwin City, Kansas, this December 2002 photo comes courtesy of Al Hermans.

BN10326.jpg (53864 bytes)

X-36 - Painted as BN 10326, this caboose was built in 1960 by International and is on display in beautiful downtown Louisiana, MO.  6/10/95, Dave Greenberg photo, used with permission.

gn-x40.jpg (64000 bytes)

X-40 - GN caboose X-40 reposes at Albany, Oregon.  This caboose was originally built at GN's St. Cloud shops in 1960 and is currently in service on the Willamette and Pacific railroad (WPRR).  Photo is courtesy of Michael Keyes.  

pdx_con01.jpg (58718 bytes)

Update:  X-40 is looking great in the sunlight at Albany Oregon.  Photo taken in July 2002 by Lindsay Korst.

x49_rollins.JPG (111153 bytes)

X-49 - Formerly used as an ice cream parlor, this caboose is located alongside US 93 at Rollins, MT.  July 2004 photo by Lindsay Korst.

Gn_x51.jpg (27988 bytes)

X-51 - Located in a city park in Minot, ND, Great Northern caboose X-51 has been refurbished inside and out as part of the Transportation Museum's effort to chronicle railroad history in the area. X-51 was built in the GN's St. Cloud, MN shops in July 1962. Photo taken July 10, 1997 by Ron Gebhardt.

X-57 - Located outside Stanley, ND is this caboose alongside the depot moved here from Ross, ND.  July 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.

x59_parkriver.jpg (75409 bytes)

X-59 - Located in Park River, ND, this caboose stands next to the Park River GN depot moved a good mile west of town (and the tracks).  July 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.

gn_x71.jpg (78147 bytes)

X-71 - At Osceola, WI can be found this GN/BN caboose in the MTM collection.  Photo taken by Lindsay Korst in August 2003.

x85_maplelag.jpg (70352 bytes)

X-85 - Nicely painted in the red GN caboose scheme, it is located at the Maplelag Resort in Minnesota.  July 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.

x87a.jpg (87417 bytes)x87b.jpg (112346 bytes)x87c.jpg (104725 bytes)

X-87 - This caboose now serves as a Chamber of Commerce "Information Station" in Sedro Woolley, WA.  It is on display along with one log flat (with logs) and Puget Sound & Baker River Ry. 4-6-0 steam locomotive.  Photos taken in November 2001 by Lindsay Korst.

gn_x88.JPG (176807 bytes)

X-88 - Parked at the Troy, MT historical building on the east end of town.  Photo taken in July 2004 by Lindsay Korst.

gn_x91.jpg.jpg (74488 bytes)

X-91 - Just outside Cut Bank, Montana along the highway is the BN 10171, ex-GN caboose X-91.  Photo by Robert Ulberg.

Con42.jpg (24513 bytes)

X-101 - This 1892 caboose owned by Jack Hoover is located in Belt, Montana and was visited by the GNRHS during the Great Falls convention. This is the oldest former GN caboose in existence.
Photo taken July 1998 by
Lindsay Korst

Update:  X-101 was donated by Jack Hoover's estate to the Northwest Railway Museum in Snoqualmie.  The caboose made the trip via truck, and a crane was used to lift if off onto the rails again.  Here it rests on the ex-NP line about a block or two west of the museum's depot in Snoqualmie on a misty November 6, 2010.  Lindsay Korst photos.

X-111 - This caboose was originally painted Big Sky Blue, but the local GN fans who painted her liked red!  Located just north of the ex-GN depot at Breckinridge, MN.  August 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.

X-116.jpg (35329 bytes)

X-116 - Heavily modified (check those picture windows!) ex-BN 10076, this caboose actually was a GN caboose built in 1968 by International. This caboose is "part of the Mt. Hood Dinner train". Photographed by Mike Keyes 

x-116b.jpg (54617 bytes)x-116c.jpg (43956 bytes)

Update:  X-116 has faded quite a bit in the hot, Eastern Oregon sun.  Photos taken April 2002 by Lindsay Korst

X-125 at Samuels, ID.  Photos taken in June 2004 by Greg Pascut.

gn_134a.jpg (80510 bytes)

X-134 at Loon Lake, WA.  Photo taken in January 2003 by Lindsay Korst.

x-320.JPG (76498 bytes)

X-175 - According to the 1973 BN Motive Power Annual, this caboose started out life in 1927 as GN boxcar #31474, was converted to transfer caboose X-175 in 1962, and renumbered to X-320 in January 1970.  Photographed by Robert Bowman near Chesaw, WA in 1999.

x-176.jpg (91318 bytes)geg_x176.jpg (104887 bytes)

X-176 - Located in Spokane, WA at the site of the former Hillyard complex, Great Northern caboose X-176 was captured by Lindsay Korst in February 2001.  Update:  another picture of X-176 taken May 2004.

Gn_x181.jpg (27076 bytes)

X-181 was a "one-of-a-kind" caboose. It was originally built in April 1953 by GN's Waite Park shops as X-100. It was renumbered to X-181 in 1966. It spent most of it's life near and around St. Cloud, MN and later GN's Hutchinson branch, pulled by an equally unique NW-5 locomotive. Photo taken in Devil's Lake, ND alongside a bar on August 11, 1997 by Ron Gebhardt.

gn_x181.jpg (63466 bytes)

Update:  July 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.

x187.jpg (60444 bytes)

X-187 (BN 11478) combine caboose basks in the sun south of Nashua, MT out near the huge Fort Peck dam.   July 2003 photo by Lindsay Korst.

x200a.jpg (126538 bytes)x200b.jpg (108065 bytes)x200c.jpg (110205 bytes)

X-200 is located in Issaquah, WA and used as a "Senior's Resource Center".  Interestingly, both trucks have "NOR PAC RY FS 570 cast onto them, but you can clearly see the goat logo "Safety First" on each end through the black paint.  Photos taken in November 2001 by Lindsay Korst.

x220.jpg (186500 bytes)

X-220 is located at West Glacier alongside US 2 and is used by the Great Northern Rafting company.  August 2001 photo by Lindsay Korst.

x227_fargo1.jpg (65829 bytes)x227_fargo2.jpg (59352 bytes)

X-227 - coupled to two CNR passenger cars at the former Northern Pacific depot in Fargo ND is this caboose.  July 2003 photos by Lindsay Korst.

x-228.jpg (37371 bytes)

X-228 - Beautifully-restored GN caboose X-228 is owned by GNRHS member Fred Black and located in Skykomish, WA. Photo taken by Lindsay Korst on April 2, 2000.

x-228a.jpg (101232 bytes)x-228b.jpg (103933 bytes)

Update:  X-228 has had its proper safety slogan and other reporting marks added.  Photo taken by Lindsay Korst in December 2001.

x228_jul04.JPG (138534 bytes)

Update:  X-228 as it appears July 2004.  Photo taken by Lindsay Korst.

Update:  X-228 buried under a few feet of snow, February 2008.  Photo taken by Lindsay Korst.

Update:  X-228 has been moved to a new location alongside East Cascade Highway in Skykomish.  Photo taken September 2009 by Fred Black.

x-232a.jpg (150013 bytes)x-232b.jpg (183715 bytes)

X-232 - Once located in Seattle, WA near the Benz Spring Company, this tattered caboose has since been moved to an unknown location.  About the only thing left to identify it as a GN caboose is the "Safety First" logo on one end and "X-232" stenciled on each truck.  Photos taken July 2000 by Lindsay Korst.

Update:  X-232 has been moved and rebuilt as a home near Shelton, WA.  Photo from the following links:

gn_x234.jpg (150594 bytes)

X-234 - Located on east shore of Flathead Lake, this caboose was photographed by Vance & Tara Carolin on January 12, 2002.

gn_flathead.JPG (160824 bytes)gn_flathead2.JPG (167986 bytes)

Update:  This is how X-234 looked during July 2004.  Photos taken by Lindsay Korst.

x-237.jpg (47275 bytes)

X-237 - Located at the Spokane, WA fairgrounds.  Photo taken February 2001 by Lindsay Korst.

X-240 - Donated by the GNRHS to the STARail group in Waite Park, MN next to the site of the old GN shops where it was built.  Photo taken October 2011 by Todd Driver.

x-244.jpg (83654 bytes)

X-244 is now an ice cream parlor at Marblemount, WA.  Photo taken September 2002 by Lindsay Korst.

GNX-249.jpg (111646 bytes)

X-249 - Masquerading as a CB&Q caboose, this photo was taken by Robert Ulberg in Powell, WY in June 2003.

X-253 - Located on private property in Kingston, Tennessee is this beautifully-refurbished GN caboose.  Photos by Richard Robinson.

GNX-257GrandMariasMN.jpg (102050 bytes)

X-257 - Sinking into the ground at Grand Marias, MN is this former GN caboose sans trucks.  Photo taken by Robert Ulberg in July 2005.

gn_x259a.jpg (39135 bytes)gn_x259b.jpg (34637 bytes)gn_x259c.jpg (33877 bytes)

X-259 - Moved from Farmington, MN, this caboose is being restored inside and out by "NLMRA" in East Grand Forks, MN.  Photos by Gus Lightfoot.

x259a_jun05.JPG (51016 bytes)x259b_jun05.JPG (39840 bytes)

Update:  X-259 caboose in current location.  Photos by Gus Lightfoot, June 2005.
The official website for this caboose and club is:

X-265 - Located on property near Port Orchard, WA, this caboose will be moving soon, possibly to the PRPA in Oregon.  Photo by Doug Paasch.

x269a.jpg (72093 bytes)x269b.jpg (61015 bytes)

X-269 - Close to the east portal of the former Milwaukee Road tunnel under Snoqualmie Pass, this caboose is used as a cottage in Hyak, WA.  Photo by Lindsay Korst in June 2002.

x277a.jpg (101537 bytes)x277b.jpg (115591 bytes)

X-277 - Probably the most remote caboose in Washington State is this one on Bainbridge Island.  It is resting on a short stretch of track and has a splendid view of Puget Sound.  Photos taken in November 2001 by Lindsay Korst.

x-280a.jpg (108450 bytes)x-280b.jpg (105812 bytes)

X-280 - Safely ensconced behind a 8 foot high, barbed-wire fence, this GN caboose can be found in the city park of Wilson Creek, WA.  Photos taken in January 2002 by Lindsay Korst.

gn_auburn.jpg (77481 bytes)gn_auburn2.jpg (74374 bytes)

X-283 - Painted in a D&RGW-like scheme this former GN caboose resides at a business north of Auburn, WA.  The trucks read "GN RY" and text on the side reads, "Built 12/51".

Update:  Jack Porzig has identified this caboose as GN X-283 from Wilson Creek, WA.

x294.jpg (105371 bytes)

X-294 - Located in Puyallup, WA, this caboose rests on private property.  Photo taken in November 2001 by Lindsay Korst.

x294sky_e.JPG (104182 bytes)

Update:  X-294 has moved to Skykomish!  Click here to learn more.

Update:  X-294 has been moved to it's new home at the Scenic, WA rest area and trailhead.  Photo courtesy of Mike Sharpe of the Iron Goat Trail group.

This page contains GN Cabooses in the X-1 to X-300 group.
CLICK HERE for GN Cabooses in the X-301 to X-757 group.
CLICK HERE for GN Cabooses of uncertain number/origin.