Glorious Glacier
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Glorious Glacier describes Great Northern's on line vacation show piece, Glacier National Park during the "Big Sky Blue"-era (1967-1970) when the Empire Builder began to stop here (seasonally).  The Western Star also stopped at Glacier Park as well.

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Front and Back covers

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Map of Glacier National Park

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Waxing poetic about Glacier's beauty...

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Crevasses and Waterfalls

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Great Things to See!

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Hints for visiting Glacier Park

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#1 - Fishing's fun for young and old in sparkling lakes like this (Lake Josephine, a short walk from Many Glacier Hotel).  A rainbow or cutthroat trout's first strike is a thrill no youngster ever forgets.  And you don't need a license.

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#2 - Beautiful new swimming pool, adjoining Glacier Park Lodge, is large and L-shaped - features clean, sky-blue heated water.  Spacious sun deck.

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#3 - Going-to-the Sun Road, a 50-mile engineering masterpiece, crosses the Continental Divide - gives motor coach passengers commanding views of Glacier's most breathtaking mountain scenery.

#4 - Horseback party, back from a pack trip, prepares to leave saddle guides and complete the sightseeing via launch cruise across Lake Josephine.

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#5 - Leisure on the links.  Stroke 'em down watered fairways to tailored grass greens on sporty 9-hole golf course near Glacier Park Lodge.  (Also play 18-hole course near Prince of Wales Hotel in Canada's Waterton Lakes Park.)

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#6 - Perfect end to a fun-filled Glacier Park day...a twilight songfest at Swiftcurrent Lake.  Campfire's warmth is welcome after sunset.

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#7 - Prince of Wales Hotel in Canada's adjoining Waterton Lakes National Park abounds with rustic Old-World charm in its picturesque, lakeshore setting.

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#8 - Many Glacier Hotel is in the heart of Park's majestic beauty.  Swiftcurrent Lake (background) is just one of dozens within easy hiking or horseback distance from this gracious hotel.  A stone's throw away:  Swiftcurrent Motel, with adjacent gift shop, restaurant.

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#9 - Hearty appetites are welcome in Glacier hotel dining rooms.  The cuisine, served by cheerful, gaily-costumed waitresses, is famous for both its variety and excellence.

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#10 - Glacier Park Lodge at East entrance is largest of four great American Plan hotels in Glacier-Waterton Lakes Parks.  Nearby fun:  heated swimming pool, 9-hole golf course, riding.

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#11 - Lake McDonald Hotel, stands in a "storybook" setting amidst giant cedar trees, overlooking Glacier Park's largest lake.  A first stop for West entrance visitors, this hotel is noted for its quiet charm and restful lodging.