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...train personnel in checking rail tickets and seat assignments at a check-in desk provided for that purpose in the concourse of the station, adjacent to the loading gate. The inspection of tickets and reservations is important in that passengers may be directed to their proper accommodations, avoiding misunderstanding aboard the train.

A long featured and popular service performed by Traveling Passenger Representatives is the canvassing of passengers for dinner by reservation. Patrons have the option of selecting dinner hours at 5, 6 or 7:15 PM, which eliminates the necessity of waiting in line. During the day, these young men, identified by distinctive uniforms, contact each passenger to make sure that he is comfortably accommodated and inquire if they can render any service which will be helpful in making the trip more pleasant. They also solicit the passenger's selection for the dinner hour of his choice. This is confirmed by a reservation card to be presented to the dining car steward at the designated time.

Other duties aboard the train are many. He assists train and Pullman conductors in checking space assignments of passengers as they come aboard at intermediate stations. He has charge of the public address system, utilizing this equipment to make frequent announcements of interest including appropriate comment when scenic and historic points are approached. PA system outlets located throughout the train are readily accessible for use as he goes about other duties. The Representative also handles the operation of radio and the reproducer which supplies tape-recorded music. He received Western Union and other messages en route for delivery to passengers and is of assistance generally in any way he can.

Senior Empire Builder Traveling Passenger Representative in point of service is Raeburn F. Christianson of Minneapolis, who recently clocked his millionth mile of service.

Occupying positions of responsibility in Great Northern traffic offices throughout the country are former Traveling Passenger Representatives whose training and experience gained aboard Great Northern's incomparable Empire Builder has proved a valuable asset in their railroad careers.

Good Scout

Great Northern Agent T. L. Spoonheim of Breckenridge, Minnesota, was recently elected to membership on the Executive Board of the Red River Valley, Boy Scouts of America.

Mr. Spoonheim has been active in Scouting in Breckenridge and the district for several years.

PEND OREILLE - Conclusion

Sportsmen's association members who sponsored the first transplanting in the U.S. of the giant Kamloops strain of rainbows from British Columbia waters back in 1941 are elated at the 1956 results. They feel it is the first substantial reflection of the necessarily lengthy propagation program and foresee increasingly good catches in the seasons ahead.

Cream of the rainbow crop from the 1941 planting was harvested in 1945, 46 and 47. The last was the lush year which produced two world record rainbows including the still-reigning 37-pound champ. World War II interfered with further egg shipments from Canada, and Idaho had to begin the long and tedious job of establishing its own brood stock and egg supplies.

As a result, accelerated plantings were not possible until the early 1950's, but the increased 1956 catches are regarded as the first substantial proof of their success.