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Huge Cake "Baked" for Empire Builder Birthday

A giant, 300-pound cake was "baked" by Great Northern Railway to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the inaugural run of the first streamlined Empire Builder, on February 23, 1947.

The bottom layer of the big cake supports an operating scale model of the present "Great Dome" Empire Builder, running on an 18-foot circular track.

Shown above inspecting the model are, left to right: P.G. Holmes, Great Northern Passenger Traffic Manager; C.E. Finley, Traffic Vice President; and Frank J. Gavin, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Topping the cake is "Rocky", Great Northern's famous trade mark goat.

The 63rd Annual Convention of the International Apple Association is scheduled to be held August 5, 6 and 7 at the Netherland Hilton Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Travel Writers Honored

The Second Annual Mark Twain Awards to Midwest newspaper and magazine travel writers and editors were presented at the March annual meeting of the Midwest Travel Writers Association by the School of Journalism, Michigan State University.

The "best travel section award" went to the Chicago Daily News and its travel editor, Mrs. Lucia Lewis. Her personal contribution to the section was considered along with the section's content and makeup.

Top recognition was given to Dave Roberts of the Cincinnati Enquirer for a series of articles on Russia. Roberts also won first place for the "best series of two or more travel articles."

Charles Collins, travel editor, Milwaukee Sentinel, was cited for the "best travel article."

Leonard Barnes of the Motor News of Michigan received two awards, and Philip Spelman of Detroit won first prize for the "best free lance travel article or travel news story.

In addition to first place winners, others cited for excellence were Arthur Juntunen, Detroit Free Press, and William Yates, Chicago Tribune.

GN Carnegie Heroine

Mrs. William McMurdo of Whitefish, Montana, was selected as one of 19 recipients of national awards made by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission. The award was made for her outstanding act of heroism in saving young Russell O. Erickson, of Fairfield from drowning.

Mrs. McMurdo is employed as a key punch operator at the Great Northern accounting offices in Whitefish. Nomination for the award was made by the boy's grateful mother.