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Members of the Veterans' Association of the Great Northern Railway reported deceased during February 1957, are: Andrew W. Anderson, engineer, St. Cloud, Minn.; Harry B. Connors, yardmaster, Sioux City, Iowa; John W. Ewen, agent, Nashwauk, Minn.; William H. Eberhart, engineer, Seattle, Wash.; Fred P. Fischer, D.G. timekeeper, Whitefish, Mont.; William Farr, carpenter, St. Paul, Minn.; Alonzo C. Galland, engineer, Snohomish, Wash.; Max P. Jordon, conductor, Tacoma, Wash.; Henry B. Linderman, engineer, Willmar, Minn.; Richard F. Mills, general agent, Minot, N.D.; Robert T. Miller, conductor, Sioux City, Iowa; David E. Osborne, engineer, Havre, Mont.; John C. Rossow, switch foreman, Grand Forks, N.D.; Thomas A. Suhr, manager, telegraph school, Seattle, Wash.; John H. Voight, air brake fitter, Pasadena, Cal.; Henry W. Waisanen, brakeman, Kelly Lake, Minn.

Members reported pensioned during February, 1957, are: William C. Birdsong, engineer, Hillyard, Wash.; Paul M. Chapman, freight agent, Minot, N.D.; Edward M. Cloone, yardmaster, Minot, N.D.; John W. Cox, conductor, Great Falls, Mont.; John J. Finnessey, chief dispatcher, Minot, N.D.; Joseph J. Gruber, millwright, St. Cloud, Minn.; Jerome E. Grimes, switch foreman, Minneapolis, Minn.; William N. Hulett, conductor, Havre, Mont.; Henry E. Hanson, traveling auditor, Superior, Wis.; Frank A. Heinz, interline clerk, St. Paul, Minn.; Joseph J. Haider, layout clerk, St. Paul, Minn.; John B. Hovde, car inspector, Willmar, Minn.; Omer Hall, ticket agent, Grand Forks, N.D.; Olaf Ihle, carman helper, St. Paul, Minn.; William F. Kirby, labor foreman, St. Paul, Minn.; Albert Munson, tractor driver, St. Paul, Minn.; Arnold S. Nordin, general B & B foreman, Superior, Wis.; Theodore H. Plombon, roundhouse laborer, St. Cloud, Minn.; William J. Rogers, engineer, St. Paul, Minn.; Joseph C. Sullivan, employe relations assistant, St. Paul, Minn.; Adolph E. Scheidegger, brakeman, Fargo, N.D.; Rudolph D. Spieker, yardmaster, Waite Park, Minn.; M.W. Touschette, conductor, Whitefish, Mont.; Roman Ziuchkovski, district gang foreman, Trinidad, Wash.

J.C. Sutton, retired Great Northern Passenger Representative, Seattle City Ticket Office, died on March 4.

Mr. M.C. LaBertew, former Superintendent of Great Northern Railway's Kalispell Division, died recently in Portland, Oregon.

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