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Forest Lookout Marian Lay and her companions, cousins of "Rocky," Great Northern's famous Rocky Mountain goat. Photos by W. R. Woods.

Rocky's Cousins on Nason Ridge

To passengers on Great Northern's transcontinental streamliners Empire Builder and Western Star and the Seattle-Spokane Cascadian, Nason Ridge in the Cascade Range of Washington is just another of the countless peaks making up a scenic route, but Wilfred R. Woods of Wenatchee has brought it fame as a favorite haunt of the goats.

Woods, Publisher of the Wenatchee Daily World is a newspaperman who gets around in his domain, the Columbia Basin on the east side of Washington's Cascade Mountains. In the tradition of his father, the late Rufus Woods, he also goes to the scenes of news throughout the world to bring to his World the first-hand accounts of personal observations.

But the stories Woods writes and the pictures he takes of surprising scenes not far from his Apple Capital of the World" are often the most popular subjects for Wenatchee conversations.

Last summer in the company of his frequent outdoor companion, the Rev. James Albertson, Publisher Woods hiked more than eight miles over rock-strewn trails to make the 4,000 foot climb to Alpine Lookout atop Nason Ridge. From there he brought back the word and pictures about scores of Rocky Mountain Goats which are the daily companions of Forest Lookout Miss Marian Lay.

Miss Lay, who "mans" the 6,300-foot-high lookout post, puts out salt for her goat friends and treasures their company between visits from Forest Service suppliers who bring her food and water. She seldom takes...(concluded on page