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...the catching and like numbers for cash and merchandise prizes offered in Puget Sound's largest participation sport - salmon derbies.

Derby fishing has been a growing activity on Puget Sound and into connecting British Columbia waters for more than 20 years. Now, with the effects of an accelerated hatchery program conducted by the Washington State Department of Fisheries, the spring and fall runs of these salmon are again on the increase.

Prizes ranging from fishing gear to fully outfitted outboard cruisers are usual prizes in more than fifty "large" derbies and an undetermined number of smaller events.

Derbies are either open - for any and all sports fishermen who pay the entry fees - or closed fishing contests sponsored by company organizations. The two largest are the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Recreation Association Derby out of Bremerton and the Boeing Airplane Company's Annual Fishing Party. These contests are so popular that they must each be held during two succeeding weekends. Entrants utilize every available rental boat in their area with more than 3,000 fishermen in each event.

Other derbies support charitable causes. The leading event of this type is the annual contest which benefits Seattle's famed Children's Orthopedic Hospital.

Regulated by strict, time-tested rules set up by each sponsoring committee, these contests have had few violations of good sportsmanship. They gain in popularity year by year.

Peach Arch President

At the recent annual meeting of the Peace Arch Association, Miss Nellie Brown, a news reporter of Bellingham, Washington, was named president. She was president of the Association in 1955.

The American side of the International Association will head the annual Peace Arch Celebration in May. The impressive memorial, a tribute to the long standing peace between Canada and the United States is located on the International Boundary at Blaine, Washington.

ROCKY'S COUSINS - Conclusion

...a day off because Merritt, on Great Northern's main line is too far to walk. But she hears the sounds of trains in the night as they pass through the Cascades. Each dawn, her crag-loving friends, these cousins of Rocky the Great Northern Goat, come to share her boulder.

Publisher Woods told his readers:

"And a lively company they are. Shortly after daybreak they begin to gather near the lookout station, coming from all directions. Little kids, nannys and the big billys. There is nothing placid about a big herd of mountain goats.

As we watched, we could see that there is a very definite social order among goats. The strongest and biggest took what they wanted first. And they would chase off the smaller, who in turn would chase the yet smaller goats. The cute little kids were always on the receiving end. Those kids had their own little sport. Two of them would stand together, head to tail, and go round and round, each butting the other in the side as they whirled together.

We counted about 40 goats during our stay up there. Marian says there are a few more that didn't come in that day."

Miss Lay has seen an eagle attempt to snatch a kid from a rocky ledge while the mother struggled to fend off the aerial attack and still keep the kid from falling off the crag. This is the way many of the young are killed.