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Happy anglers checking in at a Lake Pend Oreille resort display some of their catches. Ross Hall photo.

Lake Pend Oreille 1956 Catch Tops Million

More than a million fish per season! That's the output of north Idaho's fabulous Lake Pend Oreille, according to reports from the Idaho Fish & Game Department.

While Pend Oreille's king-size Kamloops rainbow reap newspaper headlines, the average angler is more interested in the kokanee, a landlocked sockeye salmon so populous that commercial fishing is permitted and the sports limit is 50 a day.

Another reason for the kokanee's popularity aside from its super-abundance is its edibility. It is widely regarded as one of the tastiest of all fishes when smoked. Visitors can have their catches fast-frozen or smoked for shipment home.

During the 1956 season, the census showed that 96,700 anglers fished a total of 406,000 hours and caught 1,094,000 kokanee, 5,200 cutthroat trout, 3,200 Dolly Vardens, 3,200 rainbows, 9,300 whitefish and 18,000 other game fish.

The most spectacular aspect of the 1956 trout fishing season was the sharp upswing in both numbers and size of Kamloops rainbow trout taken.

Final results recently compiled show that four rainbows over 30 pounds were registered. In the 25 to 30 pound classification, 43 were registered. There were 54 weighing 20 to 25 pounds, and 119 in the 5 to 20 pound division. Continued on Page