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Traveling Passenger Representative Christanson assists in checking rail tickets and seat assignments prior to the Empire Builder's 2 PM departure from Chicago.

On February 23, 1947, when Great Northern placed in service the first fleet of streamlined Empire Builders, the railway also established a unique service aboard these incomparable trains which, throughout the years, has proven to be extremely popular with patrons and excellent judgment on the part of management.

Concurrent with the 10th Anniversary of the streamlined Empire Builder last month was observed the 10th Birthday of Great Northern's corps of Traveling Passenger Representatives. These personable, efficient and courteous young men, employes of the Passenger Traffic Department, provide extra service to passengers in a multitude of ways, and in so doing, gain experience which will serve them well later in assignments of greater responsibility.

The Traveling Passenger Representative's tour of duty begins when he reports to Chicago Union Station one hour prior to the Empire Builder's 2 PM daily departure. His duties are numerous in making the round trip journey between Chicago and Seattle via St. Paul-Minneapolis and Spokane.

First comes an inspection of the train for cleanliness and otherwise proper condition for reception of passengers, and checking of supplies. He then assists Reservation Bureau and (concluded on page